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We are Intrega . A digital agency that's specialized in building effective and efficient softwares for your targeted audiences to take your businesses to extraordinary heights

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From building scalable commercial platforms to Enterprise softwares as services , at Intrega , we believe anything is possible

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An insight to our problem solving strategy


Plan Breakdown

We conduct thorough deep analytical meetings and brainstorming sessions to understand what is it that you actually want and create a solid blueprint


Eficient Execution

Thanks to our seamless team chemistry , we work on your product keeping record time delivery and top notch quality as our priority


Thorough Testing

Post development , it's time to make sure it's ready for large scale deployment , our advanced QA team makes sure your product is safe for the market


Effortless Delivery

Our team makes sure to document the code properly for further development , get rid of nasty bugs and deploy it directly to your customers


We are the company behind Puthika

Puthika is an Ebook , Audiobook , Comics and Magazine Hosting Platform with over 100k+ downloads on both Android and iOS , serving over 50k+ Active Users


We are serving business giants

Bepaari is a complete Inventory Management Software Suite built for Dealerships and Suppliers , we are serving Enterprise businesses with huge industrial impact

Powerful Invoice System

Keep track of your inventory , manage shop orders and perform critical calculations with real time notifications all within Bepaari

Seamless Integration

Bepaari has a minimal learning curve with Effortless integration , take your system online within a few minutes

Client apps

Bepaari is fully packed with it's own dedicated Admin Portal with tons of reports , dedicated mobile apps for employees or users and a dedicated mobile app for business owners


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Active Clients

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